Pre-Trip Post

Like Lorre said I cannot believe we will be in Haiti in a week. Each person that I have told about our trip has almost the same reaction- they stare at me with a¬†quizzical¬†look and question why I would be going to such a dangerous country. I repeatedly answered with responses explaining that we would all be safe because we are working with the CCH. It was until we got the email from Amber that I realized the true dangers that are present in Haiti. I honestly have to admit that I began to have a bit of apprehension about the trip, especially when I began packing- what do I bring? But as I read Lorre’s post I have once again put my worries aside because the work that we will be doing in Haiti will be life changing. Not only will we be making a difference in Haiti but maybe we will also be able change many peoples’ negative opinions about helping the people of Haiti. So as I count the days of our trip I am eagerly awaiting to discover the beauty and culture of Haiti that is often unknown. 8 days!

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