Apply for Arts & Tech Funding

If you are a member of Lafayette College’s faculty or teaching staff, you are eligible to apply for an Arts & Technology Grant. You can access our online application here.

Proposals must meet one or more of the following pedagogical criteria:

I.   Explore the relationship between the arts and technology: Proposed projects will use technology to discover the arts, innovate artistically, and/or explore how the arts informs technological innovations.

II.   Expand access and develop skills: Proposed projects will introduce technology to students and offer a safe place for them to take risks with guidance.  They will develop students’ critical and analytical skills in understanding of art, artistic expression, and the role technology plays in art.

III.   Generate interdisciplinary collaborations between students and faculty: Proposed projects will work with colleagues and/or students across disciplinary boundaries to substantively incorporate technology into the classroom and generate conversations about how the arts are tied to technology (or how the arts connect with across campus). 

IV.   Use the arts to develop new technologies or new uses of technology: Proposed projects will explore new implementations of technology through collaborations that develop or modify technology and produce new forms of art, new artistic expressions, and/or new capabilities.

Funds are available to support the following needs and activities on campus:

Visiting Artists and Scholars (up to $3000): Funds are available for stipends, travel to Easton, and/or housing while in residence at Lafayette. 

Course Development (up to $1000): Funds can be used for course materials, supplies, and stipends for faculty, staff, or collaborators. 

Faculty training and enrichment ($800 per participant, up to three collaborators per project): Funds can be provided to support individual or collaborative projects, discussions, or professional development initiatives that explore the connection between the art(s) and technology. 

Student Training / Trips / Projects (capped at $500): Funds can be used to support individual or collaborative projects that explore the connection between the art(s) and technology with the goal of adding an experience to a class, an independent study project, a thesis, or some other academic endeavor. Funds can be used for registration fees, travel costs, and related expenses. 

Student Media Fellows: Funds can be provided to support part-time student help associated with art(s) and technology labs or academic programming projects.

Evaluation of Proposals

Each proposal will be evaluated on (1) how well it meets one (or more) of the pedagogical objectives outlined above; (2) the proposed budget; (3) the  potential for success; and (4) the sustainability of the project and/or the lasting influence of a one-time event.

Grants may run for either one semester, the interim, or for the full year. Note that any exceeded budget will be the responsibility of the faculty member’s department or program.

Please access our online application here.