In the fall of 2022, Lafayette College received a four-year, $500,000 arts and technology grant. This funding will be used to develop three permanent studio-lab spaces on campus and to update projection capabilities in the Williams Center for the Arts. In addition, these funds will be used to support the incorporation of technology into courses across the College curriculum; to deepen and expand explorations of the arts and technology; and to invite visiting artists and scholars to share their work. During the 2025-2026 academic year–the final year of the grant and Lafayette College’s bicentennial year–a year-long festival will be held to celebrate the intersections between the arts and technology. 

We invite members of the Lafayette community to explore our new studios and labs, learn more about the Arts & Technology events underway across campus, or to consider applying for an Arts & Technology grant

If you have questions, please complete our contact form or email Prof. Katherine Groo

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