• Lisa Karam, Academic  Division  (2022-25)
  • Mary Ellen Nunes, Development and College Relations (2023-26)
  • Abbie Steinly, Development and College Relations (2023-26)
  • Jill Spotz, Communications (2023-26)
  • Jill Snyder, Finance and Administration (2021-24)
  • Hannah Tatu, Information Technology Services (2022-25)
  • Melissa Dalrymple, Campus Life (2021-24)
  • Tammy Trach, Human Resources (2022-25)
  • Rebecca Pichetto, Enrollment Services (2022-25)
  • Dysean Alexander, Enrollment Services (2023-26)
  • Tracey Itterly, Information Technology Services (2022-25)
  • Alissa Carver, Union (2023-26)
  • Sandra Rogers, Public Safety (2022-25)
  • Nadda Pavlinsky, Facilities (2022-25)
  • Billie Weiss, Athletics (2022-25)
  • Millie Smith, Academic Division (2022-25)
  • Nicole Eramo, President’s Office (ex-officio)

The Administrative Council operates according to rules set forth in its charter.  This charter was adopted in May 2014 after a two-week comment period, during which administrative staff submitted feedback that was incorporated into the current version.  The charter has undergone several revisions, with the most recent updates approved by the Admin Council on April 25, 2024.

Feel free to reach out to any council member to share your suggestions about what else we can be doing. Or email admincouncil@lafayette.edu.