Lafayette College has a great tradition of employing top-notch people who are dedicated to and inspired by the mission of enhancing the experience of our students – past, present and future.  As we continue the tradition of excellence at the College, the Administrative Council is positioned to assist the College, and each other to improve.  This Council is a conduit of information to and from the administrative staff.

The Administrative Council came out of an initiative of President Weiss in 2010 when a group of College employees helped organize a Staff Summit where 138 employees participated.  After the Summit, the President formed a committee of administrators whose task it was to plan ways to continually and creatively address issues regarding administrative staff.  The objectives of the council are to:

  • Provide a more formal structure which ensures/encourages open communication across the College
  • Support professional development and foster individual initiative
  • Provide additional opportunities for best practices to be achieved
  • Increase our focus on the positive and the possible

The Administrative Council is an elected body, with a representative from every division.  The work of the Council is published on this website so that constituents are kept up to date.  This site is also an opportunity for you to see what is new and, more importantly, participate in the discussions and actions that will keep Lafayette among the most dedicated and resourceful higher education communities in the nation.

The Administrative Council operates according to rules set forth in its charter.  This charter was adopted in May of 2014 and underwent several revisions in FY2015.  The charter is reviewed periodically and updated as necessary.

Please take advantage of this site by visiting regularly for updates, but most importantly, contributing to the cause by sharing what you are doing to make Lafayette College a better place.  It will take individual and group efforts from everyone on campus for us to build from our strengths and bring the vision of our future to fruition.