Lafayette College Wrestling Club


President: Hannah Koch

Vice President: Skylar Grote

Secretary/Treasurer: Travis Shoemaker

Head Wrestling Coach: Matt Beltz

Wrestling Coordinator/Advisor: John Piper

Volunteer Coach: Walter Grote

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Daniel,
    Hello, I am so sorry for the late response to your email, we have been experiencing difficulties updating our site. I am Hannah Koch, the new president of the club, I would love to speak with you more about your interest in Lafayette and our club. Feel free to reach out to me at kochh@lafayette.edu anytime!
    Hannah Koch

  2. Mr.Campell,
    Hello, we are very sorry about the lack of updates this season. Due to a retirement in the IT department and position changes in our own personal board we have not been able to access the site. Thankfully our president was finally granted access to the site last week, so updates are in process of being made.
    Thank you for reaching out,
    Lafayette Wrestling Club

  3. Has the Club Wrestling Program been in operation this 2016-17 season? I received a nice letter in November from John with lots of plans, but see nothing on this website that indicates activity this year. What happened?

  4. Jim Greiner, I think you might not understand how club wrestling works. It is a student-run club activity, which means the coaches and educators, even the athletic department, are not the ones responsible for overall operations other than providing a member of the College faculty or staff to act as a moderator/advisor. The student-wrestlers are in charge of reaching out to family, alumni and friends of the program to fundraise with only minor contributions from student government (also at the discretion of fellow students).
    If the “soliciting” bothers you feel free to not make a donation. Or simply request that you be removed the mailing list. Either way, it’s not coaches putting kids up to anything, it’s wrestlers hustling to support a program that matters to them.

  5. A lot of nerve putting the kids up to raise funds for your program. How many emails are they required to send. My wrestling coach never put this type of soliciting bullshit on our shoulders.Talk to your educaters if you need money. Its called tax collection.

  6. Hi Travis,
    My name is Daniel Millspaugh and I will be applying to Lafayette for admission in 2017. I attend Friends School of Baltimore and have wrestled since 6th grade. The ability to continue wrestling at the club level in college is something I am very interested in.
    I will be on campus for an interview tomorrow (11/14/16) and would love to stop by to see the wrestling room if the team is practicing. Feel free to contact me.

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