The Mood Processing and Treatment (MPAT) Lab at Lafayette College conducts research on mood disorders and related conditions. Specifically, we study cognitive and emotional processes in individuals with sub-threshold and threshold-level mood and anxiety symptoms. We also conduct research on mental health treatment needs and outcomes for affective disorders, anxiety, stress, and related concerns. As the director of the MPAT Lab, I have the pleasure of working with bright, enthusiastic, and motivated students, who have served as research assistants, EXCEL Scholars, and undergraduate collaborators on my work. My program of research at Lafayette would not be possible without the help of these dedicated individuals. MPAT Lab students help with all stages of my studies, from design and IRB submission, to participant recruitment and tracking, data collection and entry, statistical analyses, and writing up results. Students have been included as co-authors on published papers and conference presentations, and one even accompanied me to the annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, OH, where we ran nearly 170 participants in 2 days (Wenze & Battle, 2018)!

Recent projects include a qualitative study of the mental health treatment needs and preferences – with a focus on receptivity to internet interventions – among new mothers of multiples (Wenze, Miers, & Battle, 2020) and an ecological momentary assessment study of the momentary correlates, antecedents, and consequences of experiential avoidance in individuals with varying levels of depression and anxiety symptoms (Wenze, Gaugler, Sheets, & DeCicco, 2018).

Below you will find a list of students who have worked in the MPAT Lab since I arrived at Lafayette in 2014, as well as some “action shots” of lab staff testing protocols, collecting data, and presenting our work. We are located in room 212I of Lafayette’s Oechsle Hall of Psychology and Neuroscience, and we can be reached at or

Lab Staff/Alumni

Bia Brait Amorosino (’22) Thesis/research collaboration 2021-2022

Lia Charles (’22) Excel Scholar, 2021-2022

Cynthia Mikula (’21) Excel Scholar, 2019-2020 & Research Assistant, Summer 2020

Abby Sandman (’21) Research Assistant, SP 2020

Josselyn Alvarenga (’20) Research Assistant, 2019-2020

Annie O’Dea (’20) Research Assistant, 2019-2020

Marissa Falcone (’20) Research Assistant, SP 2019

Jamie Taber (’19) Research Assistant, SP 2019

Danya Kats (‘19)  Research Assistant, FA 2016 & Excel Scholar, 2018-2019

Anna Pohoryles (‘19)  Independent Study/research collaboration, SP 2018

Quinn Miers (‘19)  Research Assistant, Winter Interim 2018

Natalie Cardenas (‘17)  Excel Scholar, 2016-2017

Deniz Bengi (‘18)  Research Assistant, FA 2016

Jessica Fields (‘18)  Research Assistant, FA 2016

Charlotte Jamieson (‘18) Research Assistant, FA 2016

Nikki Bauer (‘16)  Excel Scholar, 2015-2016

Natalie Cardenas (‘17)  Research Assistant, FA 2015

Grace Marchena (‘15)  Excel Scholar, 2014-2015

Dana Ahern (‘15)  Research Assistant, Summer 2014

Danya Kats (’19) presents preliminary findings from an ongoing MPAT Lab study at the LVAIC Undergraduate Psychology Conference

Natalie Cardenas (’17) tests a heart rate monitor

Nikki Bauer (’16) helps with data analysis



Data collection at the 2014 Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, OH

EXCEL Scholar Lia Charles (’22) presents our work at the 2022 Eastern Psychological Association conference in New York City


Anna Pohoryles (’19) presents data from an MPAT Lab study at the LVAIC Undergraduate Psychology Conference

Fall, 2019 lab members Cynthia Mikula, Josselyn Alvarenga, and Annie O’Dea (left to right)