Atomic Bomb Testing Images, 1945-1953

This collection is a group of photographs taken at post WWII atomic bomb test sites. Most of the images have attached a caption which numbers the image and briefly describes the scene. The numbers on almost all of the prints are preceded by “AEC” which stands for Atomic Energy Commission. The Atomic Energy Commission was established after the Atomic Energy Act of August 1, 1946 was passed. The agency was responsible for managing research and development of nuclear weapons as well as alternate uses for nuclear energy. Most of its resources were used during the late 1940s and 1950s to produce atomic weapons, but the agency also built a few small nuclear power plants. The AEC was disbanded in 1974 and its responsibilities are now split between the Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulation Commission.

The collection is a gift from John W. Landis ’39, who was sent to the AEC ca. 1953 to analyze the effects of atomic bomb blasts.

Atomic detonation on May 8, 1953 at the AEC’s Nevada Proving Ground (AEC-53-4703)

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