One, if by Land

One, if by Land is not a film that attempts to have answers to the noisy debate around immigration policies, but through grim and evocative imagery of these journeys, it raises questions as to why this impossibility should exist in the first place.

Cinematography: Andy Smith & Joel Vargas

Editor: Alexia Prichard

One if by Land…Awarded 2011 Richard King Mellon Research ARC Fellowship.

Awarded an honorable mention at annual University of Film & Video Conference (2015).

Official Selections:

Let’s All Be Free Film Festival, London, U.K, 2015

Ethnografilm Paris, France, 2016

Show Me Justice Film Festival, Warrensburg, MO, 2016

Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, CA, 2016

Woods Hole Film Festival, MA, 2016

Southside Film Festival, PA 2016

Middle Coast Film Festival, IN, 2016

Pittsburg Independent Film Festival, PA 2016

Hua Yeh Socially-Relevent-37

Awarded Best Documentary Short at Socially Relevant Film Festival in New York City, March 2016. (Photo credit Hua Yeh)