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  1. What: “Auditory Displays and Sonification” by Dr. Nees

    When: Mon. 2/24/14 at 12pm

    Where: Hugel 100

    Please join us for a talk by Dr. Nees on his research on audition and sonification. Pizza will be served!

  2. What: “Procrastination and the Post-Reinforcement Pause in VI and VR Schedules”

    When: Thurs. 2/27/14 at 12:15pm

    Where: Oechsle 224

    Please join us for a talk by Dr. Allan of the Psychology Department on his research on effects of reinforcement schedules on learning and behavior. Pizza will be served!

  3. What: “Musings of a Lafayette Schizophrenic” by Former Lafayette Student Sam King

    When: Thurs. 3/6/14 at 7pm

    Where: Limburg Theater in Farinon

    Please join us for an exciting talk by former Lafayette student Sam King! She will be talking about her personal experience with living with mental illness, treatment, and relapse, as well as the resources available to those suffering from mental illness and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Pizza will be served!

    This event will be an exciting prelude to our upcoming celebration of Brain Awareness Week from March 10th-14th!

    Hosted by Lafayette Society for Neuroscience and Lafayette College Psychology Club

  4. What: “Consciousness Panel” by Dr. Schettino & Dr. Reynolds

    When: Tuesday 3/11/14 at 12:15 PM

    Where: Oechsle 224

    Please join us for a lunch time discussion led by Dr. Schettino and Dr. Reynolds on consciousness. Each will provide brief opening remarks regarding their personal opinions regarding consciousness. This will be followed by a question round of prepared questions. Audience members will also given an opportunity at the end to ask any questions.

    Free PIZZA!

    Hosted by LC Society for Neuroscience and LC Psychology Club.

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