NeuroLab is a set of graphical simulations of neural processes at the molecular, cellular or network levels.

I originally designed and wrote the simulations for my Introduction to Neuroscience course. but have since begun using them in other courses as well.

The simulations are written in NetLogo, a software package designed by Uri Wilensky at  the Center for Connected Learning (Northwestern University) to explore the behavior of massively parallel systems.

Try out NeuroLab

Here is a Zipped Folder containing the Manual and the Simulations currently in NeuroLab:




  1. shanah gordon

    Great work..tyou!

  2. schettil

    Thank you, Shanah. Let me know how it works out for you.

  3. Paul Smith

    I was esploreiung the useoi of Netlogo for exactly the same purpose. Save me reineventing the wheel. Thank you

  4. schettil

    Glad to be of help. Let me know if you can think of other simulations, Paul.

  5. Andrew Doherty

    I’ve had soooooo much fun playing with NeuroLab!! This is going to be brilliant for my 1st year undergraduates.

  6. schettil

    That’s great, Andrew. Please send me comments or improvements once you get the students to work with the simulations.

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