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Hello and welcome to my web page.  Feel free to browse around my site to learn more about my teaching and research interests.

Photo by Adam Atkinson.

Ph.D. – North Carolina State University, Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology (Plant Biology)

B.A. – Lafayette College (Biology)

As a conservation biologist, I am interested in investigating human impacts on natural ecosystems and in developing practical plans to conserve biological diversity and improve health, education and the economy.  My current research interests are in two areas of conservation biology. First, I am interested in the effects of nutrient over-enrichment and invasive species on the structure and functioning of coastal ecosystems. Second, I am interested in the science and application of ecological restoration of aquatic ecosystems.


Dr. Megan Rothenberger

Department of Biology

Lafayette College

Easton, PA 18042

Office: (610) 330-5459

Fax: (610) 330-5705



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