The Lafayette College Pep Band is the athletic band on campus. Its primary responsibilities are to perform at various athletic events (outlined below) and to provide a sense of teamwork, school spirit, and cohesiveness to support our student athletes and the fans that support them. Members of the ensemble will increase their capacity for artistic expression in the process as well as continue to develop personal accountability.

The Pep Band is a non-credit ensemble under the jurisdiction of the Department of Music, meaning the ensemble is subject to all departmental and college regulations. Members are expected to meet attendance requirements to stay in the ensemble as well as follow the college’s code of conduct.


All members are expected to be at all rehearsals and performances.  While some absences may be necessary, it is important that the Pep Band perform with balanced instrumentation. Communication in advance is essential if you are planning to miss any event.  Specific protocol for absences will be communicated to the members at Pep Band Camp.


Members are expected to be in uniform for every performance. The default uniform includes the maroon Lafayette Pep Band jersey, blue jeans, and neutral color (grey or black) sneakers. “Under Armour” turtlenecks are preferred for warmth where necessary, preferably in the colors of black, white, gray, or maroon.  Lafayette hats and accessories, including gloves, leopard ears, etc are always allowed but if you need to wear something that is not Lafayette apparel, then please do not have any obvious logos.

Please take precaution to be warm. Coats and jackets are not allowed over your Pep Band jersey, unless it is abnormally cold. Face paint is only allowed if it is not offensive and does not affect the way you play. Trombones should all be prepared to utilize LAFAYETTE logos on their slides, if possible.


All members are required to provide their own lyres, but music and flip folders will be provided for you. Minor accessories can be provided, such as occasional extra pages for the folio, replacement rings for the folio in the event of damage, or rubber bands to keep music from flying in the wind, but students should be prepared in every possible aspect.

College-owned instruments are available for student use without additional fees. Complete this form to check out an instrument (Percussion is not included, but all marching brass, saxophones, piccolos, etc. are).

Band Camp

All students participating in the ensemble are strongly encouraged to attend a short rehearsal camp during Orientation Week. The camp features many non-music activities to reward members for their time and effort.

Football Season

Performance Schedule

-All home football games.
-The Lehigh/Lafayette football game regardless of location.
-Certain away football games depending on location and travel.
-All post-season or playoff football games regardless of date or location, including those sanctioned by the NCAA.

Other events may be scheduled during the course of the school year, but we will check availability before scheduling anything.

Basketball Season

Performance Schedule

-All home basketball games for both men and women, including post-season, tournament, or playoff games.
-All championship games (such as for the Patriot League Championship) regardless of location. -All games sanctioned by the NCAA (i.e. March Madness Division I Basketball Tournament).

Other events may be scheduled during the course of the school year, but we will check availability before scheduling anything.