PelegI_2714Ilan Peleg, Ph.D. (Northwestern University)
Charles A. Dana Professor
Government & Law
Lafayette College
Tel.  610-330-5396
Fax 610-330-5397

Positions. Professor Peleg is currently:

  • Editor-in-chief, Israel Studies Forum: An Interdisciplinary Journal
    (the official scholarly publication of the Association for Israel Studies)
  • Charles A. Dana Professor of Government & Law, Lafayette College, Easton, PA
  • Adjunct Professor of Israeli Society, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
  • Adjunct Scholar, Middle East Institute, Washington, DC

Public Lectures. Professor Peleg has delivered hundreds of lectures in academic, civic, and religious settings (churches, synagogues, etc.). He has been interviewed on CNN, Voice of America, National Public Radio, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations, and many more. Among his topics are the following:

  • Israeli society, politics & culture
  • The Peace Process in the Middle East
  • American Foreign Policy (in the world, Middle East, Iraq)
  • The Foreign Policy of George W. Bush
  • The American War in Iraq
  • American Neo-Conservatism
  • The Israeli Right

Books. Among Professor’s Peleg books are the following:

  • Begin’s Foreign Policy: Israel’s Turn to the Right (Greenwood, 1987)
  • The Emergence of Bi-National Israel (1989, Westview, edited with O. Seliktar)
  • Patterns of Censorship Around the World (1993, Westview)
  • Human Rights in the West Bank and Gaza (1995, Syracuse University Press) Winner of the Choice Award in Excellence in Scholarship
  • The Peace Process in The Middle East (1998, State University of New York Press)
  • Negotiating Culture & Human Rights (2001, Columbia University, edited with Andrew Nathan & Lynda Bell)
  • Democratizing the Hegemonic State: Political Transformation in the Age of Identity (2007, Cambridge University Press)
  • The Foreign Policy of George W. Bush (forthcoming)

Among Professor Peleg’s recent scholarly articles are the following: