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Ph.D., Department of Government, Cornell University (2009)
M.A., Department of Government, Cornell University (2004)
M.A., Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University (2001)
B.A., Yonsei University (1999)

Fellowships & Awards (Selected)

National Science Foundation Advance Grant (2018-19, 2020-21)

ARC Faculty Research Grant, Lafayette College (2020; deferred)

Thomas Roy and Lura Forrest Jones Faculty Lecture Awardfor excellence in teaching and scholarship, Lafayette College (2017)

ARC Faculty Research Grant, Lafayette College (2017)

Richard King Mellon Foundation Summer Research Fellowship, Lafayette College (2013-14)       

ARC Faculty Research Grant, Lafayette College (2010-11)

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University (2008-09)

Predoctoral Fellowship, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University (2007-08)

Carpenter Fellowship, Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Cornell University (2007)

Mellon Fellowship, Cornell University (2006)

Dean’s Prize for Distinguished Teaching, College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University (2006)

Japan Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (2004-05)


Publications (Selected)

“The Role of Domestic Political Constraints in Navigating Great Power Relations,” in Felix Heiduk, ed., Asian Geopolitics and the US-China Rivalry(Routledge, forthcoming).

“Asymmetric Dependence and Energy Politics in Europe: Reassessing Albert O. Hirschman’s Economic Influence Effects,” Journal of International Relations and Development 24, 1 (2021) [published Online First on February 8, 2020] (with Audrey DaDalt).

“Review of Rethinking Sino-Japanese Alienationby Barry Buzan and Evelyn Goh, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020,” H-Diplo Roundtable Vol. 22, No. 20 (January 2021).

“The Sino-Japanese War, 1894-1895,” in Stephen Haggard and David Kang, eds., East Asia in the World: Twelve Events that Shaped the Modern International Order (Cambridge University Press, 2020).

“Review of Anti-Japan: The Politics of Sentiment in Postcolonial East Asia by Leo T. S. Ching, Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2019,” Journal of Asian Studies 79, 3 (August 2020).

“Dueling Nationalisms in North and South Korea,” Palgrave Communications 5, 40 (2019)

“Reordering East Asian International Relations after 1860,” inThe Two Worlds of Nineteenth Century International Relations: The Bifurcated Century, edited by Daniel M. Green (Routledge Press, 2019).

“Introduction to Roundtable Review of China’s Hegemony: Four Hundred Years of East Asian Dominationby Ji-Young Lee, New York: Columbia University Press, 2017,” H-Diplo Roundtable Vol. 10, No. 8 (February 2018).

“Rhetorical Entrapment and the Politics of Alliance Cooperation,” International Relations 31, 4 (December 2017): 484-510.

“Between Globalization and Nationalism: The Politics of Immigration in South Korea,” Asian Perspective41, 3 (July-September 2017): 377-402.

Sovereignty and Status in East Asian International Relations, (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

“Review of Constructing National Security: U.S. Relations with India and Chinaby Jarrod Hayes, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013,” H-Diplo Roundtable Vol. 9, No. 20 (July 2017).

“Domestic Legitimacy Politics and Varieties of Regionalism in East Asia” (with Il Hyun Cho), Review of International Studies 40, 3 (July 2014): 583-606.

“Who are the Leaders and the Followers? The Rise of China and East Asian Regionalism(s),” in Political Authority and Policy Capacity in a Complex Global System, edited by Louis Pauly and Bruce Jentleson (New York: Routledge, 2014) (with Il Hyun Cho).

“Friends in Need? The Causes and Consequences of Reliability in Military Alliances: Review of The Shadow of the Past by Gregory Miller, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2012; America’s Allies and War by Jason Davidson, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012,” International Studies Review 16 (2014).

“Changing Definitions of Sovereignty in Nineteenth Century East Asia,” Journal of East Asian Studies, 13, 2 (May-August 2013): 281-307.

“The Rise of China and Varying Sentiments in Southeast Asia toward Great Powers” (with Il Hyun Cho), Strategic Studies Quarterly 7, 3 (Summer 2013): 69-92.

“Review of Rethinking Japanese Public Opinion and Security: From Pacifism to Realism? by Paul Midford, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2011,” Political Science Quarterly, Vol. 126, No. 4 (Winter 2011).

“Anti-Chinese and Anti-Japanese Sentiments in East Asia: The Politics of Opinion, Distrust, and Prejudice,” (with Il Hyun Cho) Chinese Journal of International Politics, Vol. 4, No. 3 (Autumn 2011).

“Small States and the Search for Sovereignty in Sinocentric Asia: Japan and Korea in the Late Nineteenth Century,” in Negotiating Asymmetry: China’s Place in an Asymmetric Asia, edited by Anthony Reid and Zheng Yangwen (Singapore: National University of Singapore Press and University of Hawaii Press, 2009).



“The Pentagon Has Officially Canceled Military Exercises with South Korea. Here’s What Comes Next,” The Washington Post: Monkey Cage, June 21, 2018 (with Il Hyun Cho).

“South Korea Has Reason To Be Skeptical—and Optimistic—About Dialogue with North Korea,” The Washington Post: Monkey Cage, May 16, 2018 (with Il Hyun Cho).




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