Lafayette Motorsports

Welcome to the Lafayette Motorsports Website!

This website documents the progress of the Lafayette College, Lafayette Motorsports team and their work throughout the years on the 2018 car and the 2020-2021 car ,”Sparky”.

Click here for full car documentation of the most recent car, “Sparky”.

carman batteries dash cooling motor frame drivetrain suspension

Check out the Formula Hybrid Website: Competition Website

Here are the rules for the 2021 season: 2021-Formula-Hybrid-Rules

The is the 2020 statement of work laid out by the Lafayette College Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Statement of Work

Here’s a list of acronyms commonly used by the team: Acronyms

Here is Lafayette Motorsports’ Safety Plan: PDF

Recommendations on how to use KiCad and maintain a workflow: PDF

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