Who We Are

Lafayette Motorsports was made to develop engineering and management skills while building the Lafayette Formula Electric Vehicle (LFEV), an electric racecar for the FSAE’s Formula Hybrid Competition. The design, fabrication, and budgeting of the car are all student-led and emulate real-world experience by making students apply theoretical principles to real-world problems. The development of the current design started after successfully competing in 2018. The new design’s mission was to build on the success of the previous design which had placed fourth and competed for silverware at the Formula Hybrid competition. 

Fall 2021 Motorsports Club

Fall 2021 Senior Design Team


What is SAE?

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is a professional association
and standards development organization in the engineering industry. It has a specialized focus on transport sectors including, automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles. Every year they host international design competitions in which universities compete and design racecars. Lafayette Motorsports competes in the Formula Electric Hybrid Event. 


Relevant Pages

Design Proposal

Here you can find more about our motivation, the competition, and our goals for the year.

Recent Work

Here you can find the most recent work done by this year’s car team.

Top Level Overview

Here you can find the breakdown of the current system design and links to all subsystem pages.

    Awards & Accolades

    4th Place 2018 FSAE Formula Hybrid

    2018 FSAE Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Gracious Professionalism Award