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The Marquis Players is a student-run theatre organization which donates 100% of all earnings to Easton-area organizations. Our mission is to create an open venue for Lafayette College students to participate in all aspects of a theatrical production as a learning experience, social vehicle, and extracurricular opportunity, and to benefit the community of Easton through ticket sale donations, fundraisers, and outreach with local beneficiaries.

We consider ourselves a family at the Marquis Players. Over the past few years, our family has grown from a small theater group to a serious organization with over 70 members involved in cast, crew, and production. We are a unique group of people connected by a love of theatre and performing. Our members range from Theatre majors pursuing a career in the performing arts to Engineering majors who have an interest in musical theatre. From the moment you step foot into the audition room, we want to welcome you into our family.

Over the past 20 years, the Marquis Players have raised over $89,000 for programs that benefit local Easton charities as well as Lafayette’s Dan O’Neil Memorial Fund.

Examples of Local Organizations:

The Daniel P. O’Neil Memorial Fund
The Sandy Hook Fund
Safe Harbor
Third Street Alliance
Turning Point
The Lehigh Valley Food Bank

For More Information…

Twitter: @marquisplayers
Instagram: @marquisplayers
Email: devitow@lafayette.edu


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello,
    My wife and I are Marquis Players alumni parents…..Our son, Paul, graduated in 2009 after doing a few MP shows. Could you tell us what your spring, 2018 show will be and when it is scheduled to be performed? Thanks.

  2. Hello!

    We will be doing Guys and Dolls this April. We do not have the dates yet. Once determined, we will let you know!


    MP Executive Council

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