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New Era Ahead for Liberal Arts Education
The Huffington Post
Changes are forcing many institutions to rethink the way they operate, writes President Daniel H. Weiss

A President Surveys the Future of Liberal-Arts Colleges
The Chronicle of Higher Education
At the College’s conference, President Daniel H. Weiss discusses challenges facing institutions like Lafayette

A Liberal-Arts Leader Weighs Costs and Quality
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Catharine Bond Hill, president of Vassar College, shares views on economic issues at Lafayette’s national conference

Liberal-Arts Colleges Are Urged to Move Beyond Disciplinary ‘Comfort Zones’
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Wendy L. Hill, provost and dean of the faculty, says strong interdisciplinary programs enable liberal arts colleges to affirm their distinctiveness

Everybody’s Worried Now
Inside Higher Ed
Talk about the cost of educating students at liberal arts colleges, and potential ways of decreasing it, dominates Tuesday’s presentations at Lafayette conference

Changing Their Tone
Inside Higher Ed
Lafayette conference focuses on shifting conversation about liberal arts’ value

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