G. Lyle Hoffman

glh hoffmang@lafayette.edu

Professor of Physics

Hugel Science Center 022

Lafayette College

Easton, PA  18042



Current Schedule

Advising Syllabus


Courses in Astronomy and Physics of Music for non-scientists

Fundamental physics (calculus-based) for scientists and engineers

Advanced physics courses of many kinds

First Year Seminar:  Uses and Abuses of Science in Science Fiction


Fall 2017 courses:

FYS 065: Uses and Abuses of Science in Science Fiction

Physics 342: Electromagnetic Fields

Physics 133-L01: Lab for Physics II: Electricity, Magnetism and Waves


Research interests:

Extragalactic radio astronomy using Arecibo Observatory (National Astronomy & Ionosphere Center, Puerto Rico) and the Very Large Array (National Radio Astronomy Observatory, New Mexico)

Neutral hydrogen 21cm spectral line studies of spiral and irregular galaxies

Participant in the Extragalactic Arecibo L-band Feed Array consortium, the Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey, and the Undergraduate ALFALFA Team

Writing of science fiction with significant science content