Guidelines for Student Orgs

See the ITS Policy on Web Site Accounts for additional information about:

  • requesting a site
  • developing your site
  • getting your site live and linked to from the college Web site

WordPress help documentation is available on the ITS Web site, and WordPress workshops are being offered throughout the year.

Content Requirements

To help ensure that the web pages of Student Organizations are effective sources of information for all audiences (including current and prospective students and parents, alumni, etc.), each site should contain the following (at a minimum):

  • Accurate information for the current year (must be updated by October 1st annually)
  • Purpose and description of the group
  • How students can join
  • Expectations for membership — practice for athletic clubs, rehearsals for music/theatre, writing for the newspaper, on air for the radio station etc.
  • No wording, photos or content in violation of the Student Code of Conduct or the Computing and Networks Acceptable Use Policy

Other suggestions for content:

  • Group and event photos
  • Officer listing and contact information
  • Event schedules
  • Meeting schedule and minutes