Step 4- The End

A Sustainable Community

Casting in the Delaware

During the past two weeks we have been categorized into a community (mine consisting of 3 people) that have similar sustainable behaviors. Though the two other people in my sustainable community share the same behavior (no driving), I can still link my behavior of cleaning up the Bushkill and Delaware river waters and riverbanks. The main connection I have with my two group members is the fact that I walk to the Bushkill River instead of driving. A more extreme walk for me, is when me and students in the Lafayette Fly Fishing Club walk over a mile, through the center of Easton, and over the bridge to get to the “good fishing”. I find it a benefit to walk this far, not only for my health, and the environments health, but I find the walk to be somewhat educational. Not many students go into town except for the occasional dinner, but for us, it is a way to look closer at our surrounding “college town” environment. We even meet the occasional fly fisherman, who stop us on our way back, to ask what the fish were biting on, and how the water is looking. The main difference between my effort and my group members is that they stopped a behavior that they have been accustomed to, where for me, I picked up a brand new sustainable behavior, that I have never tried before. Having a community, has helped me understand how many different sustainable behaviors there our to make. As you know I will be living in Idaho this summer, therefore I will be walking everywhere as well, which will be another sustainable behavior on the belt notch. Though, I could make a connection to my group members, I don’t believe that they influenced my behavior in any way. Throughout the SBC I have become more aware of all sustainability actions that are available to myself. I have started turning off my light before I leave the room. I have also started to take shorter showers, so that I do not use as much water. In the end, I appreciate this final project, it is not one that takes up 20 pages of paper, or that requires you to not sleep due to hours of studying. The SBC project holds you responsible, to be a better person, and better to your environment!

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