On the Horizon

Forming a community around my sustainable behavior project reaffirmed my concern with this particular form of energy waste. The extended process to form a community around using natural light was important because it did not press any other ideas on our original study. The true value of this process came from forming original ideas and then having fellow members of our class with similar thoughts reflect and critique our application of the sustainable behavior. After forming this community and researching my fellow classmates studies I was able to see commonalities and differences between our projects.  It seemed as though all of us had similar concerns and we were able to successfully input these behaviors into our life. It was reassuring that other members of my community recognized the difficulties I was having because they were on the same mission to correct a similar behavior. Personally I was able to make these changes regardless of the barriers that stood between my new behavior and me. I also believe my fellow classmates were successful in implementing their behavior change.

ReaHorizon ding about my fellow classmates sustainable behavior process transitioned into a lot of inspiration. I know that Hope and I both struggled with the rush in the morning and forgetting to turn off the lights as we jet out the door to make it to class on time. Sharing this difficulty with a member of my community helps me remember to turn off the lights in the morning because I am not alone in trying to tackle this behavioral change. This problem is bigger than me, my community, and Lafayette College. However, knowing that other people struggle with turning off the lights in our rush to class reassures me that this conscious behavior will have a positive impact on the environment we live in. I also shared a reoccurring theme with Chris when we talked about our struggle with roommates and friends.  It is not always easy to get them on board with our behavior change but having them aware of our efforts is important. Even though it was challenging to incorporate the behavior change with our friends around, we surrounded ourselves with understanding friends who were aware of what we were attempting to accomplish. Overall, having this sustainable behavior community helped me understand the greater good that this sustainable behavior change can have for the environment. It has inspired me to check twice in the mornings I am rushed just to make sure my lights are off and to stay true to my behavioral change with my friends around. Having this support system has had a positive and long lasting influence on my sustainable behavior change looking into the future because I know I am not alone with my goals and challenges.



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