A Community Success

As we approach the end of the semester, it seems as though many people in our behavioral community have been doing great with changing their behavior!  It is great to see a group of people all wanting to make a change for the good of the environment, but it’s even better when the results of the change are so positive.  For the most part, people of our community have been able to make changes with little difficulties, though some have had some external influences from a close one.  Regardless of these external influences, it seems as if she was able to keep up the sustainable behavior.  People in our community have been becoming more observant of the decisions they make on a daily basis.  Some have reported to be drinking more water, like myself, some have noticed when they almost to forget to grab a cup and accidentally grab a bottle, one person had lost their reusable bottle, but overall I believe that we have all made differences, big and small, in creating a more sustainable behavior.  A couple of people also pointed out the economic benefits of using tap water to fill up a water bottle rather than buying a plastic water bottle multiple times a day.

Many people in our community have posted different statistics on how using plastic bottles/ plastic bags are harmful to the environment; it is really great to know that even though we are making a few individual changes, they can add up and have the possibility of making a great change in the world when carried out for a long time.  When you feel like your actions are making a change in the world, they don’t feel like a chore anymore so knowing that I have been part of a community with a similar goal has made me feel like my efforts are worth while and will add up.


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