Together We Can

After having read other students’ posts on their own experiences in this sustainable behavior challenge, I have felt even more inspired and motivated to keep up what I am doing. Knowing that I am not alone in the struggle to keep in mind to flick off the switch when rushing out of the room in the morning has left made me realize that challenges like these in helping the environment, aren’t going to be easy, of course. However, it’s not supposed to be easy, and knowing that we are not alone in trying to achieve something is what keeps us going. Reading these posts not only have made me feel better in knowing that I’m not alone, but they have also inspired me. Reading about how some people are going beyond just turning off the light and using natural light when necessary, and going to the library to save energy has inspired me to do the same.

This sense of community in this sustainable behavior challenge makes me feel like I am truly making a difference. A big reason why I think some people can’t commit to an environmentally-friendly habit is because they do not know the full impact they are making. Even as I was doing this challenge in the beginning, I often questioned whether my ways were truly making an impact. After having done research, and reading about the experiences of others, it’s clear that together, we are all making a difference- and this feels good. It makes me think about if we expanded this sustainable behavior challenge beyond a small Intro to Environmental Science class, and to a larger community, and potentially the rest of the world- the differences we could be making would be largely influential. Maybe if more people felt a sense of community in their actions towards the environment, the bigger of a difference we could make as a whole. I am more inspired and motivated more than ever to continue this challenge and make a difference


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