Common Encounters, Different Solutions


I find it interesting that throughout our common sustainability challenge we have encountered many of the same problems/dilemmas, but we approach them with different solutions. I think is interesting that we have acknowledged this is a very small change that contributes to a larger, ultimate goal. We have also addressed how this is a habitual change that is becoming more natural for us to successfully accomplish. In addition we have identified a common flaw with our challenge, since it is such a small energy change can it really contribute to decreasing energy consumption? This question has brought some different thoughts and actions into our common challenge. Being informed about our different reactions to this encountered problem has been very beneficial to my challenge because I can try to put many of these solutions into action rather than just mine.

My personal solution involved research. I found that while the vampire energies I have been focusing on consume little power, there are other vampire energies like the TV and DVD player I can unplug that will greatly decrease my vampire energy consumption. This solution of mine helped me contribute to other members of this common cause because I could inform them of this solution so that they too could have more success with it. In turn I also gained some better advice on this problem we have all faced in our challenge. While I researched other vampire energies to unplug, others brought up strategies to assist in making the “unplug” change more habitual. I have found this alternative solution to be a very effective tip. In addition, others have brought about solutions that involve adding other sustainability challenges along different avenues. Some have added on additional small goals like reusable water bottles or less paper use to further build upon their successful, but miniscule sustainability challenge. This community we have established through our common challenge has been very beneficial in finding a multitude of ways to address the common problems we have encountered so that our sustainability challenges may be even more successful than before.

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