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Our community of sustainable water bottles users have generally had the same experiences. Most, if not all, of the people involved have bought a reusable water bottle to eliminate water bottle usage. This seems to be working well for everyone in my community. Some people said that their water intake even increased, like mine did. This is because we were more aware when our water bottle was empty and were proactive in filling it up, as opposed to buying another water bottle.  Another similarity is that everyone noticed a difference in the amount of money that they were spending on water bottles (obviously). We agreed that the decision to have a reusable water bottle is not only economical for the environment, buy also for our wallets! One person even went as far as creating a detailed calculation of the amount of money that they have saved. A final group evaluation of the decision to buy a reusable water bottle was positive. Everyone liked the idea of helping the environment and saving money. We agreed that this could be a sustainable behavior change for us, not in this class, but also carried into our futures. I could definitely see myself using my reusable water bottle for a long time!

There was one person in our group who was different from the rest. She decided just to use a cup instead of buying a reusable water bottle. At first, I didn’t think she would be able to sustain that behavior, but from reading more post, it seems to be working out! I wonder if that is still the case. I also wonder how her water intake is compared to the rest of us with reusable water bottles. I was very intrigued by this different way of avoiding buying water bottles.

Overall, having a community influenced the way that I viewed by experience. I was able to read post by my community members and gain ideas about how to best go about this process. It was interesting to see everyones positive and negative affects. People’s post gave be different ideas about how to approach this behavior challenge. My own ideas combined with those in my community have led to success and a positive experience for me!



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