A Community of Energy Conservation

I didn’t realize that the negative behavior regarding my energy consumption and pulling out my plugs is a very commonly experienced issue. It makes me feel better that there are others that have the same bad behavior as I do. It helps me realize that if everyone that was aware of what they were doing could just come together, there would be a huge difference in our actions and the impact we have on out environment because of our energy consumption and ecological footprint.

We are merely several people in this class that do this, but imagine the millions of people around the world who do the same thing, and imagine if they all made the same difference in their actions, how much of a difference there could actually be. Being a part of other people who actually do the same thing, makes me realize that conservation as a community can be possible and if we all come together that we could make a significant change in the way our climate and environment is headed.

I believe that coming together is the most important part of creating an environmental change in our world. The population of this planet is so extremely high that the differences that are truly significant are the ones that happen as a whole. A small amount of change from each person around the world, can collectively make positive environmental change possible. This challenge has helped me to realize how my actions can affect not only the environment but the thoughts of other people around me. Just by taking action and making small changes such as this one, I can inspire others to do the same, and in the end, with help of government intervention and economic incentives, we can spread the word even wider and allow a large portion of the population follow in out footsteps towards a bright and healthy environment.  This plan of action involves policies that will be placed by the government and community, which allows people to come together.


Come together! Make a Change!

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