Step 3: One Drop at a Time

So far this sustainability challenge has gotten easier and easier over time. In the beginning I found it very difficult to cut down my shower times and water bottle usage, but now I seem to have it all figured out. I have been able to cut down to one shower a day that lasts anywhere from 5-7 minutes. Additionally, I have also used the same reusable water bottle for this entire week. I am very happy with my progress in this challenge and I also think that I could make this new behavior my new norm. I feel that if i continue to follow my sustainability goals that they will eventually become a part of my routine for the longterm. Thus far in the sustainability challenge I found that making small changes (at least in my case) are not as hard as they may seem.


I chose this challenge because I thought that I was wasting too much water in my life. Wasting water has many impacts on the environment. By conserving water you help to save water for other people and animals, you save energy, and also you save money for you or your family. Water, especially fresh water is a very limited resource, so it is imperative that we conserve it. According to National Geographic less than one percent of all water is available for the world’s population and the numerous freshwater ecosystems. With this in mind now think about how on average, Americans use 2,000 gallons of water a day. If everyone in the world consumed as much water as we did, we would have a serious water shortage on our hands. I believe that this will become a larger problem as time goes on because of the world’s growing population. If everyone can take on a small challenge like I did I believe that it could at least make some kind of impact in water conservation. Hopefully Americans will be alerted of this problem and there is some kind of action taken before it’s too late.

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