Moving into the Light

Well right after eating lunch I walked into my room with my friend Colton and he went to turn on the lights. I said, “Hey man, lets just open the window shade and turn on my desk light”. He received the idea and I went onto explain the project I am doing. My day – to – day life has changed because during the middle of the day I feel as though I am in a more relaxed setting while benefiting the environment. I also feel as though this daily life style is more conscious because I am aware of what lights are on and why. The environmental implications that will come from my behavior change is for my personal awareness of my surroundings. I hope to have an influence on others and help them change their habits to benefit the environment we share.  As the Grace Communication Foundation says in an article on climate change, “Using less energy is a great place to start. This can be done by turning off lights” ( The potential sustainable implications are using less energy and benefitting the future of our environmental stability.


There are two challenges to truly implementing this change into my everyday life. One is remembering my mission and staying consistently conscious of it at all times. Another is being able to stay true to turning off lights at night. This is harder because I am not able to utilize the natural light provided during the daytime. I can do it while I am by myself but I find it hard to do it when I am around others. This change in behavior has allowed me to realize actually how often I have used lights in my past.  Part of me is appalled by the over consumption of lights I have done in the past twenty years. Making this change allows me be conscious of my past and how to change in the future in order to benefit the environment.


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