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WLOGOLOCKUPBLKIn general, I have been able to find organic foods at the grocery store.  This mainly consists of organic meet (beef and chicken), and occasionally organic fruits.  These organics I find are usually at Wegmans where they have more food that are of an environmentally friendly source.  However, when I first started this project, I went grocery shopping on my own and was able to fare pretty well.  However, I usually go to the grocery store with my roommates because they want to get food as well and my roommate has a car.  This lead to a problem.  My roommates pretty much only go to Walmart of Giant to get their food, and as I said in a previous post, they do not have a good selection at all making me buy foods from less sustainable sources.  I asked my roommates if they would want to shop at Wegmans, but they didn’t want to given that some of the foods that they buy are more expensive there.  They also didn’t  want to go to more than one place while out shopping given they didn’t want to spend the extra time and they didn’t quite understand why I wanted to spend more money on something that they thought was exactly the same at a place like Walmart or Giant.   This has lead to a dilemma for the coming times I go grocery shopping: do I go with my roommates and get less sustainable foods, or do I borrow a friend’s car and go grocery shopping on my own and be less sustainable in my driving habits?


The following link gives an idea of why supporting and eating organic foods is better for the environment than conventional forms of farming.

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