Bottles Down

I am up for the challenge.  Not buying two water bottles from lower for no reason and substituting those items with a cup of water and fruit will be a healthier decision as well as reduce the amount of plastic I throw out.  This morning I also decided that I would start getting strawberries on my crepes along with the delicious bananas- went from bananas and Nutella crepe with two bottles of water to a crepe with bananas, Nutella, AND strawberries along with a cup of water and an apple.  It might not seem like that big of a change, but I barely ever ate fruits before coming to college, so this is another very small step in enhancing my diet.  I know that making small changes like this will lead me towards a healthy and more sustainable way of living and I am glad that this project has pushed me to make better decisions and be more aware of my behaviors.

I have noticed that when I am in a rush to go somewhere or am distracted in some other way, I take two water bottles without even noticing.  A couple of times, like this morning, I have stopped myself and corrected the behavior.  I will have to make it a habit to fill my reusable bottle before I go to sleep and keep it on my desk so that I remember to bring it along during the day.  I have been pretty good about trying to fill it before I leave, but then I end up rushing, so filling it the night before will be the best bet for keeping up with this new behavior.

One website I found was an article written by the Campus Sustainability Initiative at Brandeis University.  It pointed out some reasons for reducing the amount of bottled water we consume by stating the environmental, health, and financial effects of using bottled water rather than tap water.

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