New Life Change

Although some people might think that not driving around campus is challenging, it has been rather difficult for me not to drive to places around campus that is in driving distance. I have had a tough week of football practice and a very busy weekend with school events and sports events to attend that is either at the Williams Art Center or at Fisher Stadium. When living at Fisher East it is a long and tiring walk, especially when I have to do it a few times a day. The hardest thing this week about changing my behavior is the walking distance and being tired after practice and walking back to my room. It was even tough to want to walk to Skillman library at night when it is so easy to drive up the hill to the library. Changing this behavior has been difficult, but although I do miss driving everywhere, many good things are coming out of this new behavior in my life.

Walking everywhere instead of driving is saving me money and also mileage on my car. That is the best thing about changing my behavior. Driving from Fisher East to Fisher Stadium or other places at least once a day saves me some money every day. Yes it is not a lot of money, but it does save me money in the long run. Even though driving saves me time, sometimes it is difficult to find a parking spot so I actually have to park further away from the place than just walking to the place. This new behavior is saving me money, mileage, and at times time.

Changing my behavior has not impacted me negatively at all. Although sometimes it is much easier to drive than walk, I feel like I am doing my part in the community and environment to make the environment a better place to live. It is too early to tell, but I know I won’t have to get gas as much so I am reducing the amount of gas needed for me and reducing carbon emissions in the environment.

The above link explains the benefits of not driving a car and the amount of carbon emissions that a person could reduce if he/she does not drive a car and walks everywhere. It is not surprising at all the facts, except for the fact that your car still releases some carbon emissions even when it is not being driven. That is news to me, but this link explains the benefits of being environment friendly and walk everywhere that is in walking distance.

My day-to-day life is better now because I am walking everywhere and enjoying the very nice weather that we have had this past week. I think it will be easier the longer I keep this challenge up because as the weather gets nicer, I will want to be outside as much as possible. I am also trying to make my friends walk too. It is going well though.


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