Step 1

I am going to have two sustainable behavior changes. They will both be tough and interesting being that I am an athlete.

First, I am going to limit the amount of water bottles that I use. I know that I drink a lot of water throughout the day and do not reuse water bottles very often. Therefore, I am going to try to limit the amount of water bottles that I use. To do this, I think the best idea would buy a reusable water container from the nearest Giant. Therefore, I can refill the container whenever I need to and limit the amount of water bottles that I use.

Second, I am going to try to carpool much more out to practice. This will be a more difficult behavior to change but it worth a shot. My two other roommates also drive out to practice, so i think I should try to limit this trip to one car for the three of us. It won’t always be able to work because we have different schedules, but we can still reduce our carbon footprints and make a difference. I think that if we are proactive in communicating with each other about our schedules for the day and decide who drives each day, we can accomplish this.

I am interested to change both of these behaviors and measure how my day to day activities are different as a result. I am interested if my water intake will increase, decrease or have no effect. I am also interested to see how often my roommates and I can successfully carpool out to Metzgar field and not use three separate cars in the process. My behavior changes will become effective immediately. I am excited to keep track of this process and see how these changes affect my every day activities.

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