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jason sands

since my blog first blog post, i have evaluated my own cold temperature addiction. I proposed turning he fan off during the day, as well as using it less during the cooler months of the year. Since my post i have iplemented these changes. I would like to think that i have reduced my carbon footprint since introducing these changes to my daily life, but in reality how much of a difference am i really making? Recently that is the question i have been asking myself. Is it worth turning the fan on and off. how much does it matter?


These thoughts drove me into research. Through my travels on the internet i came across an article discussing energy sufficient ways to stay cool. out of the list of minuscule changes/tips one stuck with me. “service your unit”. at first i was confused but after a further reading i comprehended the meaning of this. By literally cleaning a fan or air conditioner you can make the machine run at its maximum efficiency and consequently it will use less electricity to run for a longer period of time. After i learned this information i immediately went back to my room, grabbed by fan and proceeded to clean it. as i was walking back, on my way to clean my fan, i  started thinking about the fan. How much really needed or could be cleaned? during the cleaning session to my disgust, it was filthy. I didnt realize how dirty a fan could get from just the dust in the air. After a solid 30 minute cleaning period i dried it off and brought it back to my room. Then i turned it on. to my surprise the fan started working great. it was blowing faster then i had witnessed in months. i realized by just taking the time to clean the fan i have increased the fans efficiency thus reducing my carbon footprint.


in regards to my new fan use:

i see myself as someone making sacrifices to better the environment. now that is clean and running more efficient i have contemplate letting it run for longer thus increasing my own comfort. However by turning my fan off when not in use, reducing my overall usage, cleaning the fan, and not using it during cooler months, my carbon footprint has declined drastically. Now i can consider myself an environmentalist.



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