imagesPreviously, I stated that I have a lot of electronic equiptiment that draws a lot of energy. As a solution, I want to setup my wires in one power strip, in a convenient location, so I will be able to unplug the strip which would turn everything off in a quick timely manner and essentially saving me time and wasted energy. Looking forward to hopefully developing this habit, I realize a possible source of an underlying problem. Along with many others, I don’t really know the impact and damage that this electrical sucking behavior really has on the environment, nor do I really know how much I am consuming. Today, we all carelessly use electricity and I think if we really knew the negative impact we were making on the environment, we would be more mindful of our actions.

In the international journal of electrical power and energy systems the article titled: smart charging and appliance scheduling approaches demand side management by Christopher Adika and Lingfeng Wang, they mention in the article how demand side management programs (DSM) are being deployed by utility companies. These demand side management programs are trying to offer monetary incentives to electricity customers so that customers can learn how to consume electricity in a efficient way. Christopher Adika and Lingfeng Wang say “By adopting appliance scheduling, customers can realize cost savings by appropriately scheduling their power consumption during the low peak hours. More savings could further be achieved through smart electricity storage.” Christopher Adika and Lingfeng Wang also go into how customers can get optimal cost savings by constantly monitoring the price fluctuations in order to determine when to switch between the utility grid and the electricity storage devices. “Power storage allows electricity consumers to purchase power during off-peak hours when electricity prices are low and satisfy their demands when prices are high by discharging the batteries” says Christopher Adika and Lingfeng Wang. These lines are an indication that these men are working for the greater good of the environment and they represent an alternative to saving electricity.

The more aware we are of what is happening to our environment, and the impact that our actions really do make, the more likely we are to take part in an action that would help the situation. This is one of many possible solutions to save electricity but it takes one person to actually do something about it

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