Water: It’s More Than Just a Drink For Us!

How would we manage without enough of it? Probably a lot worse than we would initially think!
How would we manage without enough of it? Probably a lot worse than we would initially think!

Obviously, we all consume a large amount of water on a daily basis; and there is no true way to get around doing that. It is not simply the fact that we cannot survive unless we drink water, but the fact that we use water to accomplish so many other tasks that, without being able to perform these, our standards of living would be greatly diminished. But when we think of how humans interact with water, usually our sole focus is on the idea that we need to conserve it. While it is certainly important for us to be thinking about conserving clean water, I believe that we also need to develop an awareness of the other environmental concerns associated with our water use .

So, for this sustainability challenge, I want to pay more attention to everything I do that involves water, not solely for the purpose of conserving a little more water than usual, but also to address several other day to day environmental concerns that are intertwined. If I think about every drink of water I take, I feel like that developed awareness will make me think twice about grabbing a new bottle of water from lower at meals. If I think about water use every time I do my laundry, maybe I will try to do bigger loads of wash less frequently to save water, time, and energy.  If I take into consideration the idea of water consumption each time I go to take a shower, I will be much more likely to only make it as long as necessary. Basically, I am thinking that if I just make myself think for a moment about the consequences of my actions whenever I interact with water, I will begin to realize to what extent the consequences of everything I do reach, both those those directly associated with water consumption, and those not so conspicuously relevant.

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