Too Much Coffee

Every morning I wake up at least ten minutes before I need to just so

000-3d-model-01that I can get a cup of coffee before class.  My usual destination is Skillman Café, and even if the line is long I will wait. I have been late to many classes just for that one cup of coffee.  However, if I add up the number of disposable cups that I use, that’s a least five per week and seventy cups per semester.  That is excluding weekends, and the multiple cups per day I will drink during finals week.  Overall, that is a lot of cups, lids, and cardboard sleeves.

I have chosen to try to instead use a reusable coffee mug in order to be more sustainable.  Hopefully by doing this, I will completely eliminate my use of the disposable cups, and I will produce much less waste.  I think the biggest challenge I will face will just be changing my routine.  I am used to just waking up and going, but now I will have to remember to bring my own cup.  Even though that is not such a huge change, it will still be difficult to remember at first, especially so early in the morning.  It will also be slightly more inconvenient because I won’t be able to simply throw the cup away once I am finished with my coffee.  I will have to carry my mug around with me until I have the chance to drop it off in my room.  I will also run the risk of accidentally leaving it somewhere which could cost me time and money.

I don’t think that this process will be too difficult.  Once I move past the change in routine, my only obstacle will be the inconvenience, but even that will probably seem minor as time goes on.

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