The Fan Must Go

Ever since I was a young girl spending my summers in the hot and humid Sunshine State, I always had a large fan blowing to help me fall asleep at night. It usually was used to tone out the summer sounds of crickets and other wildlife, as well as for the therapeutic white noise that could always help me fall right asleep.

Upon filling out the carbon footprint calculator, I discovered that most of my carbon errors are within the home energy category. I have never been good at remembering to turn off the lights when exiting a room or unplugging my TV and other electronics after I unplug the device from the charging cord. But I find that my large, noisy fan is what I can always find myself leaving all at all hours of the day.

Since coming to college, my fan has been more in use than ever before. Because of the loud dorm hallways that people are always loud in, I have not only been turing my fan on high throughout the night, but even all day, everyday even when I am not in the room.

I know that it is not going to be easy to have to face the noises of South College at night but I know that I must take responsibility for my carbon footprint and do my best to try and decrease it to the best of my ability. Because my fan is being used solely for noise rather than its actual purpose of blowing around air, it is probably best that I put it to rest anyway. Its finally time to turn my fan speed to OFF and unplug.




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