Reduce Wasted Plastic

Almost every morning after either Spanish or Intro to the Environment, I go to lower Farinon to get a crepe filled with banana and Nutella topped with caramel as well as two water bottles.  A “meal” in lower includes a meal and two items (water bottles, fountain drink, fruit, cookies or brownies).  In my daily routine, I get two water bottles because I have this idea that I’m going to reuse the bottles them at some point and to try and be healthy while maximizing the amount of food/drink I get for a “meal”.  I drink about half of one of these water bottles, then bring the remaining water back to my room to store in my refrigerator.  Day after day I accumulate full water bottles in my fridge and have half drank bottles scattered throughout the room, so by the end of the week I have a whole collection of wasted water bottles.  I usually end up drinking half of the water in the newer bottles and forget about them, so all the unfinished bottles wind up in the recycling bin to get rid of clutter in my room.  Hey, at least they don’t a trash can.

As I write out this routine, I realize how absolutely ridiculous and wasteful this habit is.  I am not even gaining anything by buying two water bottles because at the end of the day, I only consume one of them.  This just comes down to laziness!  I think I’m getting the most for my money (which I am… in a way…?) but I don’t think about all the plastic I am wasting.  To change this behavior, I want to buy a reusable water bottle to lessen the amount of plastic I waste.  I would also like to start substituting the two water bottles from lower with a cup a cup of water and a piece of fruit this way I am being healthy and taking a step towards becoming more environmentally friendly.


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