OMG! That girl is paperless!

Get rid of that paper. Throw it all away and forget about it!
Get rid of that paper. Throw it all away and forget about it!

“REMINDER: Quick quiz in EVST Thursday March 27th” I write on a hot pink sticky note that’s shaped as a heart. I place it strategically in the middle of my desk along with all the other heart-shaped sticky notes that read short memos of what is to come for the week. These include an array of reminders, meeting and practice times, and a couple inspirational quotes; all together the notes multiply until I can no longer see the wood of my desk. My friends have played practical jokes where they create a fake reminder or witty quote and stick it somewhere in the mix just to see if I notice. I don’t. At least not right away. That being said, I have realized that using less sticky notes will be my sustainable behavior challenge!

Wait really? Sticky notes make up about one tenth of a sheet of paper. Is my excessive sticky note obsession really that drastic? Eliminating sticky notes from my life isn’t going to do the trick. I guess I’ll just have to go paperless! Okay so maybe I was a little dramatic; heart-shaped sticky notes are not the largest contributor to my daily paper usage. And if they were then I could probably be labeled as legally insane. So this challenge will have an effect on many other aspects of my life, which is why I have decided to do it. But how am I going to know what are tomorrow’s headlines for the New York Times? How am I going to get required reading for my classes? Oh my god, how am I going to take notes in all of my classes? There are tons and tons of alternative ways to still fulfill daily necessities without completely eliminating them. I have a MacBook, an iPad, and an iPhone. Those accessories are all perfectly capable of accessing everything I normally use paper for. I am excited to take on this challenge and discover new ways to continue my daily life without harming trees! Thank god for technology.

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