Is it worth it?

It doesn’t matter where i am living, i know that when i go to sleep i will have a fan or an air conditioned room. For me, having a fan on or air conditioning on when i sleep has become imperative. Since i was a young boy sleeping with a fan at sleep away camp out of necessity, i have turned on air conditioning or a fan before going to sleep. I would be lying if i said i didn’t like the white noise the fan provides when i am trying to fall asleep as well as the obvious uses for a fan. Since being at lafayette i have used a large fan. I turn it on before i go to bed, unless it is already on. When i wake up i neglect the fan; constantly leaving it running for hours throughout the day. After thinking this over i laughed out of shame.  I started thinking of the countless hours i was at lacrosse practice and left the fan running for no reason.

To reduce my carbon footprint thus being more environmentally friendly, i decided to draw my attention to my fan and air conditioning addiction. Going forward I imagine that if i am conscious of my fan throughout the day and turn it off when i wake up instead of leaving it running i can reduce my electricity needs. My dorm room would consume less electricity thus making Ruef hall consume less electricity collectively. To me turning off the fan at night and not sleeping with a cooling device sounds irrational. With that being said i have to decided to compromise in an attempt to be more eco-friendly.  During the the winter and the cooler months i can open my window, instead of using the fan the whole night. By turning off my fan when i, leave for class in the morning or when i leave for a trip i can save an immense amount of electricity. After thinking about how my large fan has been on in my room, blowing air aimlessly  i must ask my self the question; Is it worth it?

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