Driving up CO2 Emissions


Discovering my patterns of consumption and the environmental repercussions it entails makes it clear that reducing carbon emissions, in the form of driving less, is important for me to consider. Although in some places I can not reduce the amount of driving I do, such as at work where I must test drive the cars after fixing them, I could reduce my driving time in other scenarios. This behavior is important for me to take into account because I noticed before taking these surveys that I spend way too much time in the car. It will be challenging at some times to follow a plan to drive less as I live in a place with houses very spread out when not at Lafayette, but it is worth it to find ways around this problem.


At Lafayette I can seriously cut back on amount of time I spend driving around for random reasons. With a friend having a car on campus it is very easy to take advantage of, and leaving campus at random times to find a Taco Bell, Chipotle, or just to take a drive and waste time is common. Getting off campus to a wider variety of food is always great at the time, but eliminating trips here and there will not only help reduce CO2 emissions, but will also help my wallet and to cut back on my processed food and meat consumption. The main reason I drive is to get food somewhere (besides work), so why not take advantage of the meal plan I have at school more often? Or the healthy foods that my mom always keeps around the house? Cutting back on driving around at school will be a small reduction, but it will prepare my behavior for getting home, where I can focus on driving around for entertainment much less, and find good, healthy alternatives to get around.



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