Double Whammy

Let me start by describing my morning to you.

Saving water starts with how you shower.
Saving water starts with how you shower.

The alarm under my bed rings with most annoying, loud sound at 7:00 am.  I slide down off my lofted bed (which was lofted to prevent me from climbing back in bed), only to turn my alarm off and set it for 7:10 and go right back to where I came from.

7:10 hits. Alright I’m up, and I’m not climbing back in my bed because it’s too much work. So, I go get ready to shower. Whenever I go in the bathroom, I turn the shower head on and place my shower caddy inside, but I never go in right after. I go to the bathroom, wash my hands, THEN get in the shower. And when the shower’s over I go brush my teeth.

I know, there’s A LOT wrong with that picture. My reason: I don’t want anyone to steal my shower!…. and I’m tired. People do silly things when they’re tired.

I don’t want to be a water hogging weird child anymore. Therefore, my sustainable challenge is to SAVE WATER.

I, Sade Evans, will only turn on the water when I am in the shower, and will brush my teeth in the shower.

Two simple actions, one great cause.

I don’t think that I’ll have too much of a problem with this change, because it’s fairly simple. I also hope that what I just said remains true for the rest of this semester and that I don’t slip up. I believe that because I care a lot about the environment and I’ve pretty successful trying to contribute in other areas, I can handle one more change to my current behavior.

Water conservation is movement everyone should join in, whether you turn the water off while brushing your teeth, cut your shower time by two minutes, use a water bottle, or shower with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Water conservation could easily the one movement that engages millions of people because it doesn’t involve completely changing your life around. I hope that everyone joins in time.

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