Flip the Switch!

We all do it. Leave the lights on, the appliances plugged in, the chargers in the wall… We go on living our daily lives like this isn’t a problem at all because lets face it.. we have better, more important things we need to be doing in our days. We forget about the “little” things such as pulling out plugs. But also, imagine having to pull out each and every plug from the wall, go and flip off each and every light switch, every single day before leaving home and then having to pug them all back in and flip all the switches again when you come back home. It is quite inconvenient, especially when you didn’t hear your alarm clock and are late for class. We seem to forget these things solely because they are such an inconvenience to our normal routine.

I personally leave some of my lights on when I leave my room just so they will be on when I come back in. I know that its not at all environmentally friendly. But lately I have been wanting to change this bad habit of mine. I realized that the way to do this isn’t to convince myself to take the time to actually unplug the plugs or turn of the lights but instead to make this environmentally friendly action more convenient in order for it to fit into my daily routine. I came up with a solution. One switch. One single switch that turns on/activates all of the outlets and appliances in the room/house, and at the same time has the power to de-activate them all. This way when you leave your room you only need to flip that switch on the way out and everything goes off! You now can conserve energy in the easiest, most convenient way possible.

The way to actually make this possible is to create such a system (seen in the image below) that can be installed into peoples houses in a way that could be economically beneficial to them. There must be an incentive to do this such as creating a lower electricity tax if this system is used. Along with creating such a system, awareness must be raised by advertisement, environmental activist groups, and government intervention, etc. If this is done, I believe there will be a significant decrease in the use of electricity thus helping our environment.

Multiple lights with one power source


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