Photo retrieved from GLOBAL ECHOS
Photo retrieved from GLOBAL ECHOS

While it is projected that the U.S. will decrease its production of electricity from nuclear power, yet it is still a viable and relatively clean energy source. Until the cost of renewables such as solar and wind can be decreased, nuclear is the biggest and most efficient way to create electricity on a large scale. In the foreseeable future when renewables are cheaper and not as dependent on nature, we believe will be the time to phase-out nuclear power plants. Much of the controversy surrounding its safety and cost is for partially irrelevant. No major accident has occurred outside of Chernobyl, and Fukushima, which was caused by a nature disaster not human error. Secondly, since no new nuclear plants are in the process of being built the cost for nuclear power, the building of the nuclear plant being the major cost, electricity from nuclear power plants is the cheapest of all electrical producers. Therefore we highly recommend the continued use of nuclear energy, and if possible the construction of more nuclear plants, if the building cost can be reduced. If not, the continued use of nuclear will continue until we have cheaper and more efficient renewable energy sources.




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