P1010004Jamila Bookwala, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Psychology
Chair of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Office of the Provost
219 Markle Hall
Lafayette College
Easton, PA 18042
Phone: (610) 330-5070
Fax:     (610) 330-5068
Email:  bookwalj@lafayette.edu
(she, her)

As the Dean of the Faculty, I am responsible for all faculty hiring, faculty personnel issues including diversity and retention, orientation programs for new faculty and new department and program leadership, faculty mentoring and development programs, and coordination and support of interdisciplinary programs. In my capacity as Dean of the Faculty, I also assist the Provost on faculty sabbatical and leave requests, faculty salaries, and department head and major program chair appointments.

My research focuses on 1) stress and well-being in the middle and late adulthood years; 2) the role of psychosocial factors such as close social relationships and psychological resources in resilience to stress and in well-being; and 3) gender differences in stressors and resilience to stress.  Stressors that I study include normative and non-normative stressors in the mid and late life including spousal illness or loss; family caregiving; disability, functional impairment, and pain; stigma and discrimination; and negative interpersonal exchanges.  My research examines both psychological and physical well-being as health-related outcomes.

Courses that I teach include: Understanding Happiness (First Year Seminar); Introduction to Aging Studies; Senior Project in Aging Studies; Lifespan Development I & II; Health Psychology; Design and Analysis I. Occasionally, I teach Introduction to Psychology as a Natural Science and special topics courses, such as Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias; and Making Theater: On Aging.  I supervise students conducting independent study, advanced research, and honors thesis projects for academic credit and also work with student EXCEL research scholars.

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