Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, “Characterizing and Modulating Bacterial Quorum Sensing Systems with Synthetic Peptides”, 11/2023 – 11/2028, $75,000

“Elucidating the Interplay between the ComRS and the ComABCDE Quorum Sensing Circuitries in Streptococci” (PI: Yftah Tal-Gan) NSF Standard Grant, Participant Support for Lafayette College-University of Nevada, Reno Student Exchange Program, 7/2018 – 6/2023, $16,500

National Science Foundation (NSF) “CAREER:  Designing Quorum Sensing Modulators for Lactobacillus plantarum to Probe Interspecies and Host-Microbe Interactions” 2021 – 2026, $496,758

National Science Foundation (NSF) “Chemical Biology Approaches to Interrogate Interspecies Communication in Streptococci” (PI: Yftah Tal-Gan) Participant Support for Moravian College-University of Nevada, Reno Student Exchange Program, 2018 – 2021, $15,000


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