Team Leaders 2017-2018

picture3Team Leader: Sicheng Weng, Class of 2018 – “Cultivating Leadership” – Empowering Women in Developing Countries Through Education

Major: Economics

Fun Fact:  I recently came back from a semester abroad in Hong Kong and got to travel around east Asia

Why you’re leading a trip: Since first joining ASB my freshman year, I have learned things and met people that I would not have without ASB. I am leading a trip because I want to pass on the amazing experiences that I have had on ASB trips to others. 


picture4Team Leader: Karla Talley, Class of 2018 –  “Stopping Traffic”- Sex Trafficking

Major: Government and Law; English Minor

Fun Fact: I am a member of the Precision Step Team on campus.

Why you’re leading a trip: 



Team Leader: Adriana Pero, Class of 2019 – “Making Reservations” – Native American Communities and Rights

Major: Neuroscience

Fun Fact: I am on the field hockey team.

Why you’re leading a trip: I wanted to encourage other students to become Active Citizens while having a fun learning experience and working towards a meaningful goal to help those in need.


Team Leader: Jocelyn Mizero, Class of 2019 –  “Stopping Traffic”- Sex Trafficking

Major: Biology

Fun Fact: I spent a month volunteering at a hospital in Kenya.

Why you’re leading a trip: While growing up in Rwanda some women believed that having their daughters’ ears pierced will protect them from being snatched and sold into sex slavery. I learned that mothers/parents will do everything to protect their kids from being sex trafficked. However, I never realized that sex trafficking was something Americans had to worry about until recently. Sex trafficking in America is a big underground economy and a few people know about it. So I am leading this trip to let more people aware of the shackles that men, women, and kids are still under that takes away the right to own their bodies. 


Team Leader: Yazmin Baptiste, Class of 2020 –  “Why the Caged Bird Sings”– Mass Incarceration and Restorative Justice

Major: English, Religion, and Politics

Fun Fact:  I was the state champ for the soap box derby.

Why you’re leading a trip: I chose to lead this trip because I think the narrative around people incarcerated needs to change before we can end mass incarceration and reform our criminal justice system. With the opportunity to interact with the incarcerated population and participate in restorative justice, we can all be better informed about what needs to be done to create a more just society.

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