Mythbusters: Detroit Culture Day

The Mythbusters team had a very successful culture day and we got to explore different faces of Detroit, Michigan. The first stop was the Henry Ford museum of American Innovation. We were able to visit exhibits which explored the technological advancements related to energy, automotive, and aviation developments. We were able to even walk into a fascinating housing concept, called the Dymaxion which was coveted by thousands, but never successfully went into production. It was circular and weighed only 4 tons, once suspended from the ground it had amazing environmental benefits as opposed to a normal house which would weigh hundreds of tons. Only one family lived in this home, and its owner was an original designer. They found it to be technologically ahead of the time. Another interesting attraction in the museum was the Montgomery Bus that Rosa Parks rode. We were able to see the very spot where she sat and refused to give up her seat when more white passengers boarded. We learned about the popular misconceptions behind this story, which ignited the spark of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. We also discussed President Obama’s visit to this notable historic exhibit and the impact of both figures on African American history. He sat on the seat parallel as not to overshadow her legacy.

We also visited the riverside where we walked along the Detroit River and saw a view of Canada. Next, we visited the Heidelberg Project in Detroit. This was fascinating as it gave us the opportunity to drive through the streets of Detroit and to learn about experiences by talking with locals. This art project encompassed an entire residential street, and included thousands of items of reclaimed garbage. We chatted with one of the people who inspired the art and he discussed his experiences in returning to Detroit, and the struggles of the neighborhood which have persistsed since the 1970s.

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  1. Great post, Alex. I’m happy to hear about your awesome day…I love to hear about powerful cultural experiences. Here’s to a great week of service!

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