Swastika: the symbol of good fortune or that of the Nazi?

The name Swastika is a Sanskrit word that means good fortune.It is an ancient religious symbol originating from the Indo-Aryans of prehistoric Central Asia, that generally takes the form of an equilateral cross with four legs each bent at 90 degrees. However, with the rise of Nazi power it went from being an auspicious symbol to a symbol of genocide and terror.

Visiting the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C. made me realise that if someone on the streets of the Western world saw me wearing a Swastika they are going to think of me as either a Nazi or ignorant. However, in reality I would just be wearing a sacred religious symbol. So, I decided to post this to show the difference between the Hindu symbol of good fortune and the Nazi symbol.

Image result for difference between hindu swastika and nazi swastika

The first symbol on the upper left hand corner was the Nazi party symbol while the bottom left corner is the Hindu symbol of good fortune. They are NOT the same!

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